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  • Ghetto Business exchange idea slum upgrade slum youth business
    Basic computer Training

    In this project Ghetto Foundation focuses on training the community members on basic computer skills, of which the target group are youths who have no access to computer and so introduce them to technology world. In partnership with other organizations that offers computer...

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  • Ghetto Business exchange idea slum upgrade slum youth business
    Ghetto Business

    The goal of this project is provide counseling (gang rehabilitation), basic tools and critical assistance to help gang members escape the gang and improve their (and their family's) lives in a meaningful way and end the cycle of poverty...

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  • Ghetto youth mathare youth project  community
    Youth leadership program (YLP)

    The overall objective of this program is to equip youths (both male and female) with skills, self-esteem and know-how to overcome or avoid problems related to poverty and peer pressure...

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  • Ghetto Clean up mathare slum youth initiatives
    Ghetto Peace

    Ghetto Clean focuses on collecting garbage, cleaning open sewers and clearing unofficial dumping sites to contribute to a cleaner, healthier and more dignified environment for ghetto residents to live in...

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